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Bnt App: Hirose, Namie by akkochi Bnt App: Hirose, Namie by akkochi
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 Hirose, Namie 
Nickname: Na-chan
Gender: Female 
Weight: 43kg / 96lbs
Birthday: November 5th
Blood type: B
Height: 4'9
Age: 15
Grade: I 
Club: Volleyball and Music club

Personality: Upbeat || Air head|| Annoying || Immature || Mischievous || Protective || Tom boy || Courageous ||
    Namie is a up-beat type girl. She's the type of person to break the tension between things, but while playing volleyball or playing music, that is when her concentration is at it's highest. She's not the type to be serious even when it's needed. It takes someone to engrave it into her head to get it through that it's a serious matter. Namie does pretty well in academics with her very good memory, so she doesn't study much. Though with her so called gifted memory, she doesn't put it to good use, only to use it as black mail to get what she wants. She doesn't cry as easily as others think she would and being raised in a all boy household, she's had unladylike manners she and comes off as a tomboy. Growing up with brothers she became courageous and always played rough while doing a lot of scary dares with them so she could be apart of their little circle of 'coolness'. 
    With her tendency of not being serious outside of music or games, she comes off as an air head and quite immature and annoying sometimes. So she quite often goes to one of her childhood friends to help her deal with her problems she can't understand due to her immature understanding of the world. The only other time when she becomes serious, sarcastic and or courageous is when she's backing up her friends or family. 

+ She likes rainy sunny days
+ Her lucky socks
+ Watching the clouds pass by and looking at the stars at night
+ Chocolate waffles
+ Taro Mochi
+ Big shirts/Sweaters
+ Bringing mochi for her teammates, friends and music buddies. 
+ Sports
+ Festival games/fireworks
+ Sock puppets/puppets in general
+ Likes answering her phone like " Mochi mochi" Insead of " Moshi moshi" Because she's a dork  

- When people touch her Electric Violin even with permission
- Red bean anything because she doesn't like the bean's texture
- Heavy perfume/cologne, it gives her a headache 
- How smothering/embarrassing her father is. 
- Kise's sister complex 
- When her aunt comes over and talks about mature things that make her uncomfortable
- When her brothers tease her. 

    Namie and her older twin brothers were raised by a single father who's occupation was a mochi maker. Their mother left after when Namie turn 3 when their father found out about an affair that their mother had and divorced soon after. Namie doesn't have much of an opinion of her mother but she leans more onto the dislike side.

In Elementary school she was a very bright and overwhelming wild child. She hung out with more boys rather than girls because of the environment she grew up in. Living near by was her fathers friends who also had children of their own, their daughter was in the same year as Namie and decided to let them meet. At first Namie thought she was a buzz kill but later on they got along and always greeted each other when passing by or when they exchange food. Namie grew up knowing how to make different kinds of mochi by heart and more or less enjoys the time she spends with her family while making it. 
Later in the years, still in elementary school, she met Kameyo, at first Namie didn't notice her much but later on she began to speak more to her and even bringing her mochi as a sign of friendship. She liked her gentleness and it felt weird to her since all she really hung out were with boys who played rough. Later she was introduced to Bunko through Kameyo. At first glance she knew not to be so fidgety and calmed down a bit when ever she hung out with Bunko. Though her hyper activeness still probably overwhelmed Bunko but she was polite about it so Namie didn't see anything wrong with it. Soon after she met Daichi, another one of Kameyo's friends. When Namie first met him she thought it would be funny to tease and scare him though she really meant no harm. She really liked all of their seemingly gentle personalities and hung more with them rather than the other kids she used to play with. She often started to make a lot of mochi for her new friends as a sign of friendship and started to remember which flavor they liked. When Kameyo and Daichi moved onto middle school, leaving Namie alone, her hyper activeness calmed down quite a bit. 

    In middle school she became more calm and less overwhelming with her hyper activeness. Namie got along better with Bunko, Kameyo and Daichi from being more calm than she used to be when she was in elementary school. She did great in her subjects and remembered things well, but annoyed the teachers with her goofing off. Rather than using her 'gifted' memory for good, she used it to black mail who ever to get what she wanted (mostly her siblings ). During her first year in middle school she decided to join a random sports club to keep her fit. Literately picking out of a hat, she chose Volleyball. At first she didn't enjoy it much because it made her arms sore but she soon got used to the pain and enjoyed it. Namie hung out with Kameyo, Bunko and Daichi a lot, being the only friends she could really trust.

    Maturing she was completely lost on feminine needs at the time, until her aunt who was a nurse came over to talk to her about 'womanly' stuff. Now she comes over often to give 'the talk' and how to prevent 'happy mistakes' from happening to her niece and nephews which makes them really uncomfortable and which she enjoy's seeing their uncomfortable face rather then a happy one. 

    Now her first year of high school, she's nervous about fitting in and making new friends but excited to see her childhood friends inside of school again. Especially now seeing Bunko during school hours.

♢ Hirose, Akashi - Her father who she respects for raising 3 children on his own.
♢ Hirose, Kise & Hirose, Kyosuke  - Her older twin brothers. Kise is the more obnoxious one and has a sister complex. Kyosuke is the eldest twin brother who is the meaner sibling. He is the 'cooler' twin compared to Kise as Kise is the more fun twin compared to Kyosuke. 
♢ Nanami, Hana - Akashi's younger sister and Kise, Kyouya, and Namie's aunt who enjoys seeing their uncomfortable faces. 

♢ Takahashi, Ayaka - euphoriiae- Namie's neighbor/family's friends. She's known her quite a while to call her a good friend depsite not talking much.
♢ Ohsaka, Daichi - Kuuru-kun - Her childhood friend who she likes to tease from time to time though thinks of his as another brother with his protective trait. 
♢ Nishiwaki, Kameyo -ShimmyShom - She met her at primary school and enjoys her gentleness and her deep talks with her from time to time. Through her she met another childhood friend Bunko. 
♢ Wakahisa, Bunko - TheJammix - Childhood friend that was introduced to her from Kameyo. When they first met Namie was quite annoying and overwhelming but later they got along and supports her and stands up for her when she can't. 
Additional Info:
- Namie has a habit of falling asleep during tests so she barely has enough time to finish.
- She snorts when she laughs really hard.
- When she tries to hide something the more she smiles to hide it. 
- She has a lot of scars from doing hard core dares with her older brothers. (ex. jumping off a 20ft tree or smth )
- when she gets nervous she sucks in her cheeks and moves her jaw left to right. 
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